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Lucas managed to throw out the last of the towels he'd used to clean the sales floor before his hands started shaking. It took him much too long to get the latex gloves off before he finally slumped down to the floor and put his head between his knees.

After the slow day at the store, he'd gone out for some supplies, and come back to see three teenagers dead on his shop floor. . . .

Yes, it had all turned out alright. But that didn't make it any easier to think about.

He rubbed his hands over his head and leaned back. The shop was cleaned up. The bullet holes would have to be repaired later, but none of the merchandise had been damaged. Just, you know, his sense of security and pride in being able to take care of his employees. . . .

Would it have killed Marty or Nadia to give him a heads up?!

He needed to drink.

He needed to drink somewhere far, far away from Fandom. Nadia was insane and had said she'd still open the store tomorrow, which gave him until Tuesday to have a break. He grabbed his jacket and helmet, took one last look around the back room and shuddered.

Joe would just have to deal with him crashing at his place for the next few days.

[ooc: and Lucas is out of town until Tuesday. He is coming back, he just has to get drunk for awhile first.]
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