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Lucas was rudely awakened by his own duffel bag being dropped on his stomach. He sat upright, his eyes snapping open wide.


That was a mistake.

Oh, hell that was some hangover.

"Get up."

Lucas blinked blearily upwards. "Buh?"



"Halleluiah, he's a genius."

Lucas blinked again, and Joe slowly came into focus.

Joe was definitely angry.

"What? What time is it?"

"2 pm. On Thursday. You have been on my couch since Saturday night. This is your eviction notice."

"Joe," Lucas said, trying to be reasonable.

"No, Lucas. You're not a teenager any more and I am not putting up with you drinking yourself unconcious any more. You have a store to run."

Aw crap, the store. "I have employees to do that."

Joe raised an eyebrow. "Yeah. Three of them. Two were involved in some kind of bizarre practical joke which resulted in one leaving town." Joe crossed his arms. "Now move it. Jane and I will get you, and your bike, back to that town of yours, and you are going to get on with your life."

"Joe, you don't understand--"

"I understand. Something bad happened, you don't want to deal with it." Joe grabbed Lucas' arm and hauled him to his feet. "Well, you're done not dealing with it now."

Jane appeared with some aspirin and water, which Lucas accepted with a nod.

"Okay, okay, I get it, I'll deal." Lucas stumbled off towards the bathroom. He could practically feel Joe rolling his eyes at him.

Well, at least this time, Joe hadn't beaten him up. . . .
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