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Empire Records and Bidet

no. we're not a plumbing company.

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Birthdate:Aug 19
Full name of Business Owner: Lucas
Fandom of Character: Empire Records

Name of Shop or Business: Empire Records and Bidet
Type of Shop/Services Provided: Record store and art gallery
Hours of Operation: Noon to Midnight, Tuesday-Sunday
List of employees: Nadia Santos, Martin Blank, Paige Matthews

Mondays: closed
Tuesdays: Marty opens, Paige closes
Wednesdays: Lucas
Thursdays: Marty opens, Lucas closes
Fridays: Lucas
Saturdays: Lucas
Sundays: Nadia

voicemail and email

History of (Earth) Music
Monday Afternoon

Martin Blank
Walter Dornez
Philip J. Fry
Kaylee Frye
Zero Hopeless-Savage
Archie Kennedy
River Tam

[This journal is for the purposes of fandomhigh only. Lucas is the brain child of someone else, but I promise to return him undamaged. Well, not entirely damaged. . . .]
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