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Lucas adjusted his duffel bag on his shoulder as he took one last look up at his store. He wasn't entirely sure if he would ever see it again.

Still, Deb needed help, and Empire needed someone who wasn't apparently an idiot at the helm. Hopefully Maureen could pull it out of the red.

Then he turned, strapped his duffel bag down on his bike, and mounted up to ride slowly out of Fandom.

[ooc: And Lucas is out of here. It was a fun ride playing him, but I wasn't doing him justice. Empire Records and Bidet is now under new management. Thanks all!]
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Lucas came down Tuesday morning and walked into the store and was completely unsurprised to discover Nadia and Walter curled up together and asleep on the floor. He listened to the radio, he knew there was something going on with Nadia again, and the much reduced stock of Eddie's special brownies was a pretty good indication of why they were there.

So he just stepped over them and got to work doing inventory.

[ooc: locked to Nadia and Walter. yeee-ah.]
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Lucas blinked into the mirror.

"This is very odd."

She blinked again.

"Very odd indeed."

She turned, examining her profile. She gave her chest an experimental squeeze.

"Well, I might as well make the most of it. Opportunities such as this are very rare, really."

She went to her closet to see about something to wear. Today was day for spending time on the town.
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After listening to the radio, and hoping that that comment about Nadia getting hit with her own mallet wasn't going to mean he was suddenly working on Monday, now, Lucas settled in for bed.

He pulled out the pill he'd grabbed from the girl's backpack. His headache still raged, so without much ado, he grabbed a glass of water and tossed it back, then flopped backwards on his bed.

He really missed Elle.
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Lucas had a headache. He'd spent all week trying to work out a way to get his store out of debt, and looking at the numbers made him want to hit his head against the desk.

So: headache.

Today's music: soothing new age.
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Lucas was looking over the books for Empire and trying to decide if he was actually making money or not.

There was an awful lot of red in his books.

The phone rang, and he idly picked it up as he pondered what to do about this. Hello? )

Lucas hung up, rubbed his nose, then picked the phone back up and made a couple phone calls. Then he grabbed his helmet and his jacket and headed out.

[ooc: and Lucas is now out of town until Friday eveningish.]
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Lucas settled into his desk chair and started flipping through a series of random art images he always kept on hand for button-making. He flipped through them several times, getting more and more frantic, until he finally thunked his head down on the desk.

Seriously, could Elle have been any more vague about what she wanted? He really, really wanted to get the button perfect for her.

. . .

Okay, he really, really wanted to get the chance to see Shakira make her all "wiggly", but that was practically the same thing. He was going to need to call in reinforcements.

He grabbed the phone and dialed an almost forgotten number, hoping it would still be connected.

It was )

Lucas got up and went to his closet, pulling down a box of photos. He could do this. And if the others never let him live it down . . . well. So be it.
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Lucas opened up Empire with every intention of making it a Greatful Dead kind of day.

So who the heck had stuck a Hoku album into the stereo, and why couldn't he get it back out?

Alas, it seemed he was stuck with girly pop, today. It was catchy, though. . . .

[ooc: Empire Records and Bidet is a music store and art gallery. Come by to shop, dance in the aisles, or partake of the special brownies! Shop lifters will be chased down in the streets and just possibly offered a job.]
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Lucas opened Empire. He had absolutely no idea what was going on on the island.

Today's music mix: Sex Pistols, Violent Femmes, the Clash, the Ramones . . . pretty much anything punk with an explicit lyrics label.

There might be some Eminem in there, too.
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Lucas opened up Empire with a sad shake of his head at the number of brownies that were still left. It was a sad, sad state of affairs, to be sure.

Today's music mix: Dr. Demento
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Lucas' hangover had been beaten down to a dull roar thanks to Joe's sarcasm and Jane's snark, a fact that he welcomed as he made his way through his store (carefully not looking at the still visible bullet holes) and back into his office )
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Lucas managed to throw out the last of the towels he'd used to clean the sales floor before his hands started shaking. It took him much too long to get the latex gloves off before he finally slumped down to the floor and put his head between his knees )

[ooc: and Lucas is out of town until Tuesday. He is coming back, he just has to get drunk for awhile first.]
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Lucas got up around 11 on Monday morning and set about clearing a large space in the store for Orlin to work in. He had a spare stereo in the back, just in case Orlin's work ended disasterously, and he had the tools Orlin had identified and the supplies he'd requested set up in the cleared area.

He sipped coffee and waited by the door so he could open it when Orlin arrived.

[ooc: Empire is closed on Mondays, this is locked to Orlin for stereo creation/installation!]
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Since the record store was closed Mondays, Lucas took the opportunity to do quite a bit of relaxing. Mostly, that meant sleeping and catching up with reruns of Bitterwoman. Over all, a pleasant way to spend his time.

Until the phone rang )

Lucas stared at the phone for a long moment after he hung up. He rubbed his jaw thoughtfully. He was really hoping the man had been kidding, but he did make a mental note to look into how exactly an orphan from Argentina could be connected with Soviet Intelligence, and what that Italian guy had to do with it.
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Nadia had very nearly been late for work, but considering how exhausted she looked when she showed, Lucas decided not to comment. They needed to do a few training things before they opened, but showing her how to work the stereo, sign in and out, and run the cash register wasn't going to take long, so they had time.

"Have you ever worked a cash register before?"

Nadia grimaced. "Um, sort of."

"Sort of."

"Not in a professional capacity?" She gave him a tired smile. Lucas shrugged.

"Okay, it's pretty simple. . . ."

Throughout the process of familiarizing Nadia with the store, Lucas kept an eye on her, trying to work out why she seemed so twitchy. It could have just been her default setting; she'd been twitchy when he'd offered her the job, but then, she'd just been caught shoplifting.

"Okay," he said finally, after she'd made her choices for the music theme of the day. "What's got you so rattled? I'm not going to bite you."

Nadia laughed softly. "Nothing. It's . . . nothing. Just . . . guy-friend issues."

Issues? )

[ooc: and a brutal god-modding it was!]
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Lucas held the door open for Nadia.

"Come in," he said. "Have a seat. Can I get you anything? Water? Fruit?"

[ooc: I'm at work. I'm insane. And I'm bored. locked to, um, me.]
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Lucas was waiting outside the building when Marc's tour bus pulled up, followed by the moving truck. The band members seemed to be in rare form this morning, dressed surprisingly normally in band t-shirts and jeans, and quite possibly not entirely stoned.

This boded well for the success of getting the store ready to open tomorrow.

Most of the stock and the shelving was coming directly from the old Empire Records; it was really just a matter of getting the building cleaned up and everything put into place. And with the help of the fifteen members of Marc, the job should be done surprisingly quickly.


Lucas smirked. "Mark. You made it."

Mark grinned. "Where's this snow storm of yours?"

Lucas shrugged. "It ended. Let's get to work?"

"Sure, sure," Mark nodded vaguely, as did most of his band. "Eddie sends his love." He grinned again, raising his eyebrows. "And his special recipe brownies." He held out a very large tupperware container.

"Tell him thank you." Lucas accepted the container gracefully, though he had no intention of actually eating it's contents. Not until the store was well established, anyway.

"Dude." Mark leaned in close. "What's with the 'bidet' thing?"

Lucas raised his eyebrow. "That's a trade secret."

Mark nodded solemnly as his band mates set to work unloading the truck.

[ooc: Lucas, Mark, and Mark's band, Marc, will be moving stuff into Empire Records and Bidet most of the day. Feel free to stop by and chat, or help out, as you will. Be aware of possible slow-play until about 6 pm EST.]
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Lucas stood just outside the building that would soon house Empire Records and Bidet, thankful that it was no longer as cold, that the snow had somehow all but disappeared, and that there weren't any snow monsters wandering about.

He was mostly blaming the whole thing on someone slipping him something suspicious. He hadn't eaten any brownies or anything, but maybe Deb's cookies had been laced?

He was talking on his much-unused cellphone.

"Yeah, it was a freak blizzard. . . . No, the snow's pretty much gone now. I just want to get started putting the store together. . . . You guys don't have a gig tonight? . . . Good. I'll see you in a couple hours. . . . Yes, I'll buy you and the band dinner. . . . Okay, thank Eddie for me. . . . Yeah. . . . Tell Joe that, from what I've seen, I might end up with a weirder staff than him. . . . Bye."

Mark and his suprisingly successful underground Gwar tribute band, Marc, were on their way to help set things up and put up posters. Lucas was pretty sure that, with their help, he could catch up on the time lost during the snow storm and still get the store open by Tuesday.

He had a lot of work ahead of him, but that was okay. One thing was certain, he wasn't going to get bored around here. . . .
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Lucas has managed to fall asleep leaning against the overturned tables that formed the snow-monster barricades.

One of these days, he'll even get around to having an apartment of his own. . . .

[ooc: mostly just putting the poor guy somewhere, but feel free to wander by, wake him up, interact, etc.]
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